Hi, I'm Prim!

       Music helps me process my thoughts and feelings, trying to make sense of our existence. I have become more compassionate and connected since writing music. I know today, someone is having the worst day of their life, and someone else is having the best day of their life. I believe we are all here to be a support for each other, to find the joy in the everyday moments, and to be a comfort to those who are in need.

     I hope within my music, others find solace, reflection, or courage, even if its just one person.

Some Mildly Interesting Info About Prim:

- I LOVE birds and am the mother of four cockatiels. 

- One of my passions is to create merchandise I would love to wear. 

- I have been driving since I was 12 (Don’t tell anyone). 

- My mom made me learn typing and cursive writing against my will (I now see her wisdom) (No, she didn’t make me write that). 

- My sister is my best friend. 

- Me Mum is me co-lyricist, she is! 

- My favorite holiday is Halloween. 

- I am a sixth gen Austinite. 

- I’d rather be a pirate than a ninja.